New York native Celeste Seda is best 

known for her feature in 

National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary Issue.

Celeste's contribution to the article

“Changing Faces of America” received much acclaim. 

Her distinct features landed her other multicultural opportunities, including commercials like "The Walking Dead" and "Secret Deodorant" and a few appearances on Fox’s daytime show “The Real”.

Additional features include 

“Real Husbands of Hollywood” alongside Kevin Hart, 

and Issa Rae’s YouTube web series

“Get Your LIFE." 


Aspiring to advance her career, Celeste has studied under

Emmy Award Winner GregAlan Williams, 

at the Susan Batson's Studio 

as well as The Peoples Improv Theatre.

Celeste is currently under the tutelage at

Diana Castle’s studio:

The Imagined Life in Los Angeles. 


Celeste has a passion for exploring different cultures and traditional experiences. Her love for diversity can be attributed to her own, blended background. Raised by a Puerto Rican adoptive family, Celeste has reconnected with her biological father who is of Dominican descent and is hoping to do the same with her biological mother,

a native of Korea.


While on the hunt to find her biological parents, Celeste has developed a strong passion to become an advocate for other adoptees, acting as the voice for others who are also hoping to find "who they really are".


"Success is when preparation meets opportunity." 

"Got to be who you are in this world, no matter what."

-Denzel Washington